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Collograph Printmaking / Grade 8 Artist of the Week Lesson Plan (General)
Self-Portrait Printmaking / Grade 7 Wheel Art 6 Artists of the Week (9 week cycle)
Drawing from Observation Lesson Wheel Art 7 Artists of the Week (9 week cycle)
Tessellation Lesson / Grade 7 Elective Art Classes Artist of the Week
Kaleidocycles Lesson / Art That Moves "Just Read" Poster Girl
Jazz and Collage Lesson Student Art Index
Using Our New Press Reading from Mango Street
Building a Strong Vocabulary Student Art "2000" Exhibition
Back of Heads Collage / Watercolor Landscapes
Wall of Words Artistic Hands Create
Box of Crayon Quotes Mpeg Clips "JC Harmon Jazz Band"
6th Grade Color Theory Color Wheels
8th Grade Color Printmaking Cut Paper Portraits
Black History Quiz Icosahedron Lesson
Design Egyptian Alphabet RMS ArtStudio