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Grade 7 / Rosedale Middle School

Jackie Zumba Carving Self-Portrait
Jennifer Thao...Darcy Draves...Nique Asberry

This is the Final Problem in a Nine Week Course of Study Built Around the Face

Conceptual Objective / this process will expose students to a tactile, graphic means of expression where they will be required to create an individual vision of themselves.

Behavioral Objective / each student will produce an edition of 3 to 5, Black and White prints from an original design using a linoleum plate.

Materials List / Battleship Linoleum (unmounted) 6x9 inch, original self-portraits (head and shoulders), speedball gouge handles, speedball gouges #1 - #5, scissors, utility knife, pencil, ball-point pen, carbon paper, glass inking plates (one per color), soft rubber brayers (one per color), masking tape, old newspapers, white drawing paper for printing, folders for student prints, waterbased block printing ink color black, printing press (you could print without it), and a drying rack (a must), Long straight edge, bench hooks, white mat board, exemplars, mirrors, permanent black markers, box of Band-Aids (very important)



Relief Printmaking

Reverse Image


Pulling a Print



Artist Proof

Contrast (Black / White)



Documentation (signing)

Bench Hook




Positive Areas

Negative Areas




Jenice Gordon..Sandra Valenzuela..Eduardo Martinez
Angela Montoya...Cameo Foster...Ali Sultani

This lesson is the final assignment in a sequence of lessons dealing with the face as a motif in my seventh grade wheel art class. I have seventh graders for only nine weeks. Most of them were in my sixth grade art class for a quarter last year. We begin the quarter very simply, with perhaps a basic problem using the face, Like cutting shapes from construction paper to create a face. Each new problem always deals with the face in some way. In a subsequent design problem we create tessellation designs using three different symmetrical faces. In a nine week period we are able to develop a certain level of comfort using the face and some degree of confidence in creating faces in a variety of mediums. Each lesson is intended to build upon the last and to support future lessons.

As in any good discipline-based art program, exemplars should be included which will expand the students knowledge about professional artists and their creations, both past and present. How and why has the face , especially the self-portrait been so much a prominent image through out the history of art ? It is also important to include the working vocabulary of the artist, as it is appropriate, with each new problem.


There are numerous other reasons for building art lessons around the face, especially the self-portrait. Few other subjects allow for the deep introspection as does a drawing of ones own face. Self concept itself is a major thrust of middle school curriculum nation wide. Another major thrust of today's schools is for a multicultural approach in teaching. In my classroom, using our own faces allows for quite a celebration of cultural diversity. On day one, I make it clear to my seventh graders that the face will be our motif for the entire quarter. I also point out then, that our final problem will be a linoleum print using their own face as the subject. They are also aware that 25 of the final prints will be used to create a poster to display around the school.



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