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Concert Time (6/21):
             On Sunday, we took (more like dragged) the triplets to a folk music concert in Old Town. I've wanted to go to a "Duke City Swamp Coolers" concert for several years now. Sunday was my chance - it was Father's Day wasn't it ? It was all I had hoped for. Lots of great music. I even picked up their new CD with several of their original songs like "The Last Road Runner on the Highway to Hell".

"Duke City Swamp Coolers"

To hear their music go to CD Baby
or to the Swampcoolers own web site

Girls Walking
Before The Concert:
            Grandma and the girls went shopping for Ankle Bracelets, in Old Town, before the concert started. I got a great pic of Grandma showing off her new jewelry. Grandma told the girls that a man was lusting after her toes. They were soon looking up the definitions of "Lust" and "Fetish". You must admit that those feet look pertty good for a 65 year old broad. Of course by labeling a photo with a file name like "Foot Fetish" - I will get a lot more hits on my website.

"Foot Fetish"
Girl Time

Grandma and Tiffanie
Poppies Room/Studio
Leaving Taos (6/20):
            The Adams State watercolor workshop ended on a wonderful sunset. It was only fitting to end the week of painting with a colorful moment. The whole family made the trip up to Taos to eat with me at our final dinner. After that we toured the art on display in everyones motel room/studio.

            Saturday morning, it was raining steady in Taos, so we loaded up and headed back to Albuquerque. It rained all the way past Santa Fe - then it cleared as we neared home. I'll post paintings and pics of my friends in Taos sometime next month. Right now, I have plans to visit with my family and take the triplets to the Grand Canyon. More pics on our trip west next month.

Last Day of Workshop (6/19):
            Today is the final full day of the watercolor workshop. Im tired - but I have two watercolors left to finish. I've completed seven watercolors so far. Last night I finished the painting of Blossom with her red ball. She is just back from the beauty shop and is showing off on our patio. I especially liked the contrast between the geometric red ball and the fuzzy white fur on Blossom.

"Blossom" in Progress

Roses Finished (6/18):
            Yesterday I finished my watercolor of the roses. If I get two more paintings finished I'll call it a successful week. We put everything up on display Friday night for grading and so everyone can see what the week produced.

<<<   I've got three paintings in progress but we have a long critique today and a bar-b-que tonight. I'll just have to squeeze in some time to paint.

More Progress
Art Gang (6/17):
             The photo below should be proff enough that this watercolor workshop is not really that serious. Two of the gang pictured are instructors - which ones ?

Art Gang 2009

Watercolor of Roses
"in progress"
Nagative space painted
and frisket removed

Quick Landscape Below

"Pueblo Rain"
My Experimental Painting:
            This morning, I'm trying a different approach in painting roses. I did some light underpainting prior to applying liquid frisket to keep certain ares white. My subjects are white roses with a stronge touch of yellow and pink. I can't predict if they will be white when I'm finished. I'm painting larger as well - almost a full sheet. As for the frisket - I really like this brand called "Incredible White Mask". When I opened the bottle on Sunday, I found it thick and gummy. I was going to buy more on Monday - but, I found out that just adding water and stirring it up returned it to perfect condition. Here is another opinion on the frisket I use. Below is the start of my roses.


Painting roses in my Taos Studio at the Sagebrush Inn

"in progress"

Painting Poppies (6/16):
           This morning I matted my second watercolor. It's two poppies close up. I need to get away from the portraits so I can play a bit more and not worry about being to exact.

"Tim with Camera"and "Little Miss Sunshine III"  Finished Today


"in progress"

the grass is not part
of the composition
Precious Tiffanie and Her Dolls (6/15):
            I began a third watercolor this morning and sketched two more to start later. This one is of my grand daughter Tiffanie holding two of her precious moments dolls. I did the same subject earlier this year but was not happy with the way it turned out. This one reads much clearer.
          Below, is photo of "Woody" - he's a dog one of the artist's brought along.

Woody the Dog

1st Completed Watercolor Below

Painting in Taos (6/14):
             I drove up to Taos Saturday afternoon and unloaded all my stuff. I started painting this morning (Sunday). I'm painting a new version of "Little Miss Sunshine" and one of my grandson Timothy grinning at an image on his digital camera. The skies have turned dark and it's rumbeling out side so I'll stay in and paint till our cocktails and dinner tonight. I've been doing this workshop since 1985 - perhaps I'll learn something this year. As I drove up to Taos, I stopped and checked out my new telephoto lens on the rafts running the Rio Grande.

Rio Grande Raft

Kenny's Spirit & Humor
Goodbye Good Friend:
           Friends of Kenny and Phyllis gathered yesterday morning, at the La Mesa Church, to celebrate the life of a good friend and fellow watercolorist. Posted here is a watercolor by Pat Baca in memory of Kenny.

Triplet Photographers (6/13):
            Two years ago we bought the triplets each a digital camera. It seems that they are making good use of their photography skills. CLICK HERE to see some pics they took on this trip to New Mexico. Tess took an especially great pic of her brother. It looks as if he were hanging from a cliff edge in a feat of daring-do. He does tend to take risks (as boys do) but this was not one of those times.

Tess took this photo
of her brother Tim

Kenneth Whiteman
In Memory of Kenny:
            This morning friends gather to remember a good friend and a very fun filled creative artist. Kenny never let a few obstacles keep him from his love of watercolor. His spirit was always there - inspiring his fellow artists to try even harder. Here are some words that Mick Leo found which describes Kenny's approach to his art.

Thoughts on the art process:
Attempt what is not certain.
Do search; but in order to find other
than what is searched for.
Don’t discover a subject of any kind.
Tolerate chaos.
Be careful, only in a [paradoxical] way.
                                    -Richard Diebenkorn

Kenneth Whiteman

Albuquerque by Night

Albuquerque, New Mexico (6/12):
            According to "US News & World Report", Albuquerque was ranked as a best place to live and retire. U.S. News took a thrift-conscious approach: They looked for affordable communities that have strong economies and plenty of fun things to do.
            "Along the banks of the Rio Grande, with the Sandia Mountains in the background, is the beautiful city of Albuquerque, N.M. The sunny climate and endless landscape have long drawn writers, poets, and artists to this spot, which includes an unconventional mix of American Indian, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures. But it's not just freethinkers who drift to this Southwestern city of 511,000. Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia National Laboratories, and Intel Corp. have helped develop the area into a manufacturing and research hub. They provide a stable anchor for the local economy."
            "Albuquerque's clear skies, calm winds, and abundant sunshine present plenty of opportunities to explore its natural splendor. Each October, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta fills the sky with more than 700 colorful hot-air balloons. Fourteen area golf courses are open year-round and allow duffers to tee off against spectacular backdrops of volcanoes and mountain peaks. Meanwhile, Albuquerque's foothills and network of trails make the area a wonderful destination for biking. Still, "it's kind of undiscovered at the same time," says Will McConnell of the Albuquerque Bicycle Center."
In discussions with friends, last night, we wished they would not print this sort of stuff. There are enough folks here already and we don't want to encourage too many more to move here. We rather keep this place a secret.

Rain in Albuquerque
pic from our front door

a couple days ago we had
some measurable rainfall
we are now up to
1.24 inches for the year
KU's 17th chancellor (6/11):
            Bernadette Gray-Little will become the University of Kansas' 17th chancellor on Aug. 15. Currently the executive vice chancellor and provost at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Gray-Little was appointed May 29 by the Kansas Board of Regents following a national search for a successor to Chancellor Robert Hemenway, who has served since 1995 and steps down June 30.
           Gray-Little, who will become the first woman and African American to be KU chancellor, has held her current post since 2006. She previously was dean of UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences, and executive associate provost at UNC. Gray-Little earned a Ph.D. and a M.S. from St. Louis University and an A.B. from Marywood College (Pennsylvania).

Joaquín Sorolla

Paint Pot
Joaquin Sorolla (6/10):
             One of my favorite artists, Joaquin Sorolla has a major exhibit at the Prado. The Prado's web site is http://www.museodelprado.es/ The Prado site has an extensive showing Sorolla's work. It's in Spanish but worth watching even if you can't follow the audio. Click here for the video.

Up, Up, and Away:
            We went to the movies today to see "UP" in 3-D. So it seemed appropriate to put an image on my desktop from the movie. When the triplets visit - I get to see all the great movies.
           Our visit to the Balloon Museum, last week, prepared us for this movie - as well as our walk around the top of El Morro. Learning seems to have it's subtle connections - everything seems to be linked together.
click on image to make it larger   >>>

Joaquin Sorolla

Sad News - We Lost a Friend (6/9):
            The sad news came yesterday, that the watercolor community in New Mexico lost a good friend. Kenny Whiteman was loved by all who knew him. I painted, on Saturdays, with Kenny and lots of other watercolor friends at the La Mesa church. His sister Phyllis was always at his side. She took care of her brother up to the last moment. Phyllis also painted with us on Saturdays.
          Kenny got a recent boost in spirits because two of his watercolors were selected for the NMWS Spring exhibition. And - one of his paintings in the exhibit was sold. Kenny was the historian for the New Mexico Watercolor Society. He kept a scrapbook up to date with photos and newspaper clippings. Kenny's smile and rye sense of humor will be remembered by his many friends. If there is a special place in heaven for watercolorist - then Kenny is up there painting away. I even suspect that he has already plucked a feather from some angels wing to use as a brush.
           There will be a memorial service/reception for Kenny at the La Mesa Presbyterian Church, 7401 Copper NE this Saturday from 10am till Noon. For a link to the obit from the Albuquerque Journal CLICK HERE.

At The Zoo
Day At The Zoo (6/8):
             We got to the Albuquerque Zoo just as it opened this morning when it was cool and the animals would be active. Four hours of walking was enough - so we headed home. The city of Albuquerque has a wealth of activities for everyone. Voters here are willing to spend tax money on more improvements every year.


Polar Bears Entertained Everyone Today
At The Ball Game (6/7):
              The Albuquerque Isotopes lost - but we enjoyed the game anyway. There were lots of hits and plenty of runs. Oklahoma City beat the topes by a score of 10 to 7 in the tenth inning. Even though we ate Pizza and Hot Dogs at the game we still stopped after the game at a neighborhood Dion's for a great pizza dinner.

Tiffanie          Frani          Timothy          Shari          Tess

Isotopes Maskot

Pulling a Print
NMartEd Summer Summit (6/6):
            Friday afternoon I headed for Tumcumcari, New Mexico. New Mexico art educators were having workshops at Mesalands Community College. It was all set up by D'Jean JawRunner. She taught us how to carve a mold and to pour hot molten aluminum. My task was to teach some printmaking ideas usig their new press. We did Collograph printing as well as Dry Point printing from plastic plates.

One Hot Lady    >>>

            Later, I'll post a page full of images from the fun workshops we had this weekend in Tucumcari. I'll post it on the NMAE website - So those who didn't make it will see what they missed. But for now, baseball awaits - we are going to an Isotopes game.

Melting Aluminum
Balloon Museum (6/5):
            Friday morning we visited the International Balloon Museum in Albuquerque. The kids were fascinated by the exhibits. They have several historic examples of balloons on display. They even have a simulator, which the kids can try out their hand at lifting off and landing a hot air balloon.

Tim Tries His Hand At Controlling The Balloon

Checking Out Balloons
Rail Runner (6/4):
            We are taking the Rail Runner to Santa Fe this morning. It's our first trip on the new commuter train. The round trip fare for the six of us was only $32. You get a discount for buying online, for being old and young, etc.

click on railrunner for schedule


Triplets Ride The Rails To Santa Fe

            We had a delightful day walking around Santa Fe and looking at everything. Before we boarded the train for our return trip - we ate at the Flying Star cafe next to the station. Tomorrow we plan to check out the balloon museum.

Triplets Take Notes
as they
View the Writings
Inscription Rock
Day Trip (6/2):
            We took a drive today, first to El Malpais National Monument and later El Morro National Monument. It was beautiful day - cool in the morning and just right in the afternoon. El Malpais means the badlands but this volcanic area holds many surprises. Lava flows, cinder cones, pressure ridges and complex lava tubes dominate the landscape. The kids got a great view of the lava flows from atop a sandstone out cropping. The sandstone dates back to the Jurassic period so it's well over 65 million years old. While the lave is quite recent - somewhere between only 15,000 and 3,000 years old.

Atop Sandstone Ridge

             El Morro turned out to be quite a hike - but well worth the effort. We took a loop trail which leads to a historic pool and past hundreds of inscriptions and petroglyphs. The trail continues to the top of the bluff for the breathtaking views and Ancestral Puebloan ruins. This was rated as two-mile trail but seemed a lot longer as we climbed to the top.

On Top of El Morro

            Our day trip on Tuesday was just less than 300 miles - over the continental divide, in western New Mexico, and back again. We were able to leave Blossom at home (for ten hours) because she is such a good dog. Once more, I'm quite happy with my new Chevy minivan. Even with six passengers, she still got 27.6 mpg for the trip. GM does make a good product - hopefully GM will emerge as a stronger but leaner car company. In the mean time this Chevy will make do for years until we get a hybrid.


Summer Fun (6/01):
          It's hard to believe that Summer is here already. Even though the triplets are here for a month - I still have a weekend printmaking workshop in Tucumcari and a week long watercolor workshop in Taos. It appears that the park behind our house is a great place to use those rollerblades.


Tess and Grandma                                                 Timothy



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