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January 2008
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"Bully For Bugs"
January 2008 Blog:
        I've made a few changes in my 2008 Blog. First of all - my entries will be added at the top of old entries so the most recent entry will appear first. Next - I've added my "ClustrMap" counter at the top of each 2008 blog page. If you are interested in "where" my visitors are from just click on the cluster map. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and will send me any comments you have via e-mail to: woodyduncan@comcast.net

ode to rene magritte

click on the drawing
for a larger view
Young Beader (1/31):
         In three days we start up our "Saturday Painters" group at the La Mesa Church. I'm taking on a challenge of painting a young lady who is "Not" my grand-daughter. She is the daughter of one of the artists I paint with on Saturdays. It's the fabric of her dress that will be the challenge. I'm going to try a David Drummond approach for the background and for the shine of the fabric. We will see how it goes. It's also going to be tricky to make the string of beads in her young hands show up against the busy fabric. I scattered the loose beads on the floor to draw attention to them. She would have never worked that way.

Hanging the Exhibit:
        Today, we hang the Alternate Spaces exhibition at the Jewish Community Center. We will have over 80 watercolors. I hope the reception is well attended on Saturday.
Thank You John Edwards (1/30):
         Today in New Orleans, where he started his campaign, John Edwards stepped aside in his pursuit of the presidency. He waged a good fight against poverty and for health care in America. Thank you, John - now those of us who supported you will need to decide whom to support. In New Mexico we vote on Feburary 5th.
Watercolor Scholarships:
         The American Watercolor Society announced that funds are available to support art teachers who seek training in watercolor. Scholarships of up to $500, at a location of the teachers choice, are available on a first come first serve basis. The AWS will also supply paint, brushes and paper with the scholarships. For information CLICK HERE.
Schools Closed ?? (1/29):
         We were suppose to have a group of 5th graders today at the museum. But APS closed all schools today due to the weather. What is the definition of a "Whoosie" ? I went out at 8:00 am and took pictures of the dusting of snow we got last night. Oh, Well - I need to catch up on reading for my class at UNM tomorrow.
        I can also use the time to do some drawings for new watercolors on the paper I stretched yesterday. Painting watercolors is good for the soul. I need to set aside more time to paint.
   Today I cut 12 double mats
           4 - 22 x 28 mats
                8 - 16 x 20
Cutting Matts (1/28):
         While I cut matts for my new watercolors, My puppy Blossom ate her rug. The small rug must smell like our last dog Kuan-Yin (she slept on it). That must be why Blossom loves the rug. It's been washed - but, dogs have such a keen sense of smell. I got a good pic of Blossom's mouth full of fibers from the rug. She has lots of toys she hauls out to play with daily. She chews on them too. I said toss the ugly rug, but Frani wants her to have something to chew on rather than our stuff.
      Click on Blossom
                for a
           Better View
Framing My Watercolors:         
         I used all of the 22 x 28 mats in framing my newest paintings. The 16 x 20 mats were made from the sections of mat board I had left over. That's the smaller size I prefer to paint in. I learned long ago to paint for a certain frame size, otherwise it's an expensive headache to get your work framed. Now I'm stretching more 140 lb Arches around sheets of gatorboard so I can begin to paint some more.

        I soak the 140 lb Arches paper in our hot tub for 20 - 30 minutes, then I lay it on a sheet of masonite - place the gatorboard on the wet paper, wrap the edges around the gatorboard and staple the sides (beginning in the center) and at last the corners. I turn it over, allowing it to dry over night. The paper shrinks tightly and provides great, warp free surface to paint on. It is also quite light in weight which allows for easy tilting of the surface so I can control the flow of my washes while I paint.
Progress (1/27):
          I made some good progress on my new watercolor showing two mudders working on the Ranchos Church in Taos. I created the rough texture on the buttress by applying acrylic modeling paste with a palette knife. I picked up this technique from Tim Collins of Wyoming. Tim attends the same Adams State Watercolor Workshop at the Sagebrush Inn in Taos, that I do, every June.

Click on unfinished
painting to see the
                       finished watercolor
              out bid on this one
Finished Painting (1/26):
         Yesterday, I finished my newest watercolor of Tim and Tiffanie digging at White Sands National Monument. You can see the painting in various stages of development by clicking here. Now, I need to finish the one of the adobe finishers at the Ranchos Church. I love working with shadows and textures like the ones on the buttress of the church.
        Last night, Frani and I went to the Arts Alliance for their annual valentine "For the Love of Art" auction. Artists donate pieces for a silent auction. The money goes to help fund the Arts Alliance. We were top bidders on two items so we came home with some new art for the house. We were out bid on the one piece we really wanted. I'm sure it found a very good home with some very nice people.
     PUNCH . . .
          . . . COUNTER PUNCH
               WHO'S THE
         GROWN-UP HERE ?
My man John may gain support by staying above the fray. More importantly, he is best on the crucial issues - like universal health care and especially dealing with poverty in America. That's why I support him. Of course, in the end I'll vote for the democrat this fall. Join

click on painting to play movie
22 MB download
Still Life with Apples
1895-98 (MoMA)
Museum Visit With Technology (1/25):
         New technologies allow unique ways to visit great art at home or in the classroom. I'm posting one video about a Cezanne on my blog which I downloaded from MOMA in New York. You can visit several more of these sort of videos at smarthistory.org where you view or download these video discussions about art at MOMA. the site describes these little videos as: "General Musings about using Technology to Teach with Images by two art historians Beth Harris and Steven Zucker"
What a wonderful method of introducing succinct critiques of pieces of art in a format that will appeal to young tech savvy students. Of course the next step is for the students to create their own video critiques of works of art.
Painting Progress:
         I've got to paint more - but, here's some progress (below) that I made this morning. When I finish the WhiteSands painting of Tim and Tiff, I'll stop and cut mats. I need to get two more of my watercolors ready for the JCC Alternate Spaces exhibition.

click on either watercolor
for a larger view
    view finished watercolor by clicking here

Nine Year Old Tiffanie
being creative
Keep Arts in the Schools (1/24):
         According to KeepArtsInSchools.org - Eighty percent of a national cross-section of voters told pollsters Celinda Lake & Associates that 21st-century jobs will require more than “the basics” now stressed in U.S. schools and said they were worried about a perceived decline in arts education. Lake told a news conference that 30 percent of voters are "passionate" about this, seeing arts schooling as "not the icing on the cake but a fundamental layer of the cake."
It's encouraging to read reports like this - but theory and practice are two totally different things. Talk vs Action - having an art class does not mean it's a quality program taught by excellent teachers who are passionate about their subject and can transmit that passion to their students. That's just IMHO.
        "The public is way, way ahead of the elites on this issue," Lake said. A bipartisan majority in every demographic group favors instruction in "imagination, innovation and creativity" as a preparation for life, not just for the workforce, she said, even though less than half of likely voters have a child in public school. She said she was "astounded" at the three-to-one support for that concept.
material in italic type from http://www.keepartsinschools.org

<<<    it's sad that Tiffanie doesn't have an art teacher back in Kansas
Back to College (1/23):
         I bought my books yesterday - WOW !!  A whopping $111.00 for four paperbacks. Sticker shock is everywhere now-a-days. I wanted to have the books in hand on my first day in class - that's today. I also made sure I could find the building my class meets in. I don't want to look too out of place back on a college campus. I did ask a young lady about where the texts for my class were shelved. She directed me to the elevator (to go down one floor). My response was, "I'm not that old yet."            
        My class meets every Wednesday morning and that fits my schedule perfectly since I have docent training on Mondays and tours on Tuesdays. The course is on "The Art of Teaching in the Museum". It fits perfect with what I'm doing now. We will see if I remember how to take notes, write papers and take tests - it's been a while since this old man did anything for college credit other than paint watercolors in Taos.

<<<    I "did not" buy the cap

New Deal Art
New Mexico
First Class:
         I'm quite impressed with my first class meeting of "The Art of Teaching in a Museum". I've selected a good course. It's a very diverse group of students, with varied backgrounds and ages, four are males, two are Native-Americans, etc, etc. It's organized as a very inner-active class. We do reflective journaling every week. Reflection is so important to growth - I just hope it's OK to illustrate my journal. Aside from reading and discussing theoretical ideas we will be planning and testing out our ideas with groups of real museum visitors of various age groups. The UNM Art Museum has an upcoming exhibit on New Deal Art in New Mexico. This will provide us our laboratory to experiment in. Our two instructors will recruit groups of museum visitors of various ages for us to try out our ideas on.

               click on pic
              to view card
Drummond Shines (1/22):
         We had an overflowing turnout last night for David Drummond's demo at the NMWS meeting. David did a great job of explaining his approach to painting a flower. He worked from an orchid brightly backlit as everyone watched his progress projected onto a large screen. This is one of the major values of membership in the watercolor society. We are exposed to so many learning opportunities through out the year organized by the watercolor society.
        While David was painting, he answered questions about being chosen to do the painting for the white house christmas card. He told of doing several revisions and of trying to visualize how the location (Jacqueline Kennedy Garden ) might look with snow. The GOP pays for travel expense but there is no pay for the painting or the artist's time. But, there are countless benefits which no amount of money could buy. His painting was on a million cards sent out by the White House, and David's painting is now part of the White House art collection. Does it hang next to a Sargent or a Wyeth ? David even talked about his visit to Hallmark Cards massive design facility in Kansas City, Missouri. The card itself was printed in Hallmarks production facility in Lawrence, Kansas. Hallmark has been printing the White House cards each year since 1953.

           Outside Las Cruces
Woody's Watercolor Workshop (1/21):
        In March, I'm traveling South to Las Cruces, New Mexico to teach my first watercolor workshop. It's being hosted by Laurel Weathersbee, of the Southern Chapter of the NMWS, in her studio overlooking the Dona Anna mountains. She calls it the Teacup Garden Studio. The class is limited to 12, which is a wonderful size. It will be interesting teaching watercolor to adults since I'm use to seventh graders. Information on my workshop is available by clicking here.
           Watch Jae Paint
            click on picture
NMWS Tonight:
        Today is our monthly meet of the New Mexico Watercolor Society at the Albuquerque museum. We have two members from our Southern Chapter up here for the meeting. Our demo will be by David Drummond. He is best know for his watercolors of lake Mead. But, tonight's subject is a flower. David, of course also famous for being the father of Jae Drummond. He recently was chosen to create the White House Christmas card. Both David and Jae were written up in a recent issue of American Artist.

Jae's Demo Click on Pic

Read about both David and his daughter Jae in the March 2008 issue of American Artist.

Only One Year to Go:

         Check my countdown clock I think we may make it to January 20, 2009, Let's hope so.
            Taos Watercolor Workshop (1/20):
         Every June since 1985 I've gone to Taos, New Mexico to paint. Adams State hosts the watercolor workshop at the Sagebrush Inn in Taos. Frani thinks I only go there for the food - she might be right. I always come home weighing more than before I left. This week of painting is a wonderful way to explore watercolor and to grow as an artist. Check out the details of this years workshop by clicking here.

Click On Blossom
Happy at Home
Southern Chapter (1/19):
        Monday is our monthly meeting of the NMWS. New Mexico is a large state (5th largest in the nation) with a small population. Our watercolor has a separate chapter in the southern portion of the state. The Southern Chapter of the NMWS meets in Las Cruces, 240 miles south of Albuquerque. Two NMWS members from Las Cruces (our 2nd largest city). They are driving up to Albuquerque for our Monday night meeting. They will be in the area for the weekend stopping at our home first to drop off some paintings. Their watercolors are for our Alternate Spaces exhibit at the Jewish Community Center in February. I'll return the paintings when I go down to Las Cruces in March, for my first watercolor workshop.
Watercolors in Progress (1/18):
        I paint with a group each Friday at the Unitarian church. I made some progress on my painting of Tim and Tiffanie playing at Whitesands, as well as starting a brand new one of two workers repairing a buttress at the Ranchos church in Taos, New Mexico. Below are examples of how much progress I made on each one this morning.

click on each watercolor for a larger view
Swept Away (1/17):
        Way to Go Fourth grade film makers: Swept Away is the tragic story of what happens when art supplies are left on the floor at the end of art class. This original musical movie was filmed, directed, performed, and edited by Dryden 4th Graders in memory of all the art supplies that have ever been needlessly swept away. Congrats to Mrs. Fuglestad and her talented 4th graders.
Click Here to See the Movie
Large Download 36.2 MB (4:28 minutes)
you can also view the movie on teachertube.com
         Fantastic use of technology in the classroom - an exemplar for all art and music teachers.

click on
Unfinished Stela
to view grid lines
Egyptian Art (1/16):
         Yesterday I took 2nd graders through Temples and Tombs. Today it was 8th graders from the prestigious Albuquerque Academy. These students were very well prepared so I learned a lot. As an artist, I like pointing out items like the scribes drawing board and palette with small oval depressions where cakes of dry colored inks were. One of the best items was an unfinished stela (pictured to the left) showing the grid lines drawn by the artist. In the bottom row you can easily see the drawings indicating where the artist intended to carve had he finished this piece. This is indeed a rare find. Egyptian artists were using grid lines almost 4000 years ago to guide their work and presumably to enlarge their images onto temple walls.

<<<    read more about this piece by clicking here

                     Temples and Tombs continues until February 10th

click on palette

 Agenda for New Mexico
Richardson Sets Agenda (1/15):
         We can be proud of the course Governor Bill Richardson charted for our state in his opening address to New Mexico's House of Representatives and Senate this morning. The full text of his speech can be seen here
        Video on Demand of Richardson's speech from KRQE News 13 click here
Some points he stressed were:
        In recent years, we gave a tax cut to every middle-income family, raised teachers pay,
        ended predatory lending in New Mexico, passed dramatic clean energy initiatives an
        raised the minimum wage. Our state has a healthy surplus of money and our
        permanent funds grew to 15 billion while 3 billion went into schools
        and back to taxpayers.

Now - we need to: Make health insurance coverage more affordable, care more
accessible, and the health care system more accountable. We will cover the
400-thousand New Mexicans who currently don’t have health insurance.

Other items included: fully extending domestic partnership rights, continue to increase
teacher and educational employee salaries, increase Pre-K opportunities, improve and
modernize our schools, maintain our commitment to the arts so it remains a key part
of every child’s education
For those schools identified as needing improvement, we
won’t give a bad grade and walk away. Instead, we are going try to help these schools

succeed. These are but a few of the 60 items the governor laid out for this year.
        Richardson said, "My agenda is bold and focused. It can be accomplished."
         Welcome home Bill - glad to have you back in New Mexico

    click on my poppies
         to see where
      my watercolors
     will be exhibited
Watercolor Exhibits 2008 (1/14):
         I created a web page with images of my watercolors that I've entered into exhibitions during 2008. Of course the year has just started so I will be updating the page often as new exhibit opportunities come up. To view the paintings I've selected for exhibition simply click here or click on the painting on the left. Everyone has an open invitation to visit these exhibits. I especially invite you to the opening receptions. I will list the dates and times on my exhibits page.
        Today is training day for docents at the Albuquerque museum. Today at our lunch break, between sessions, docents hold a study group. We do this once a month to share knowledge with each other. I'm running the digital projector for Dixie and Carol while they educate us about photography. We have an exhibit soon on Bill Brant's photography. It goes up after our Egyptian exhibit comes down.
      Docent Training:
        Another great day at docent training - in today's session, three civil war reenactors came all dressed up in full gear. They took turns explaining their uniforms, weapons, lifestyle, battle tactics, etc. Since we are a history museum as well as an art museum - this was a wonderful educational experience. (What a day to not bring my camera) As they explained their roles to us they remained in character. I could see these gentlemen are really having fun with their chosen hobby. Today's session fits in well with our recent trip to Fort Craig (a major post for Buffalo soldiers) and the addition of the new gun carriage and limber caisson to better display our civil war canon. Our canon itself, was dug up in Albuquerque's Old Town where the Texas confederates buried it while they beat a fast retreat back to Texas.

                                         Civil War in New Mexico
Cards and Checks (1/13):
        Yesterday, I ordered new business cards. I ordered them, on line, from the same company I order my personalized checks from. I have four watercolors of the triplets as background images on my checks. It cost more than getting my checks from the bank - but it's a lot more fun. Several artists ask me where to order the checks. So I'm posting the website of Unique Checks here on my blog: http://www.uniquechecks.com/Home.aspx You can easily upload your photos to their website an adjust the image to your liking. They do quality work and can print your photos on lots of objects. Need a personalized mouse pad, coffee cup or tee shirt - they've got them.

Sample of my checkbook - address, phone and bank numbers removed of course
Who's Checking My Website:
        My new counter (top of page) is called a ClustrMap. It places a red dot on a world map when somebody clicks on my website. I often need to goggle maps of various regions of the globe - to update my knowledge of world geography as I try to find out exactly where that red dot is. Below is a copy of today's map. The real ClustrMap updates each morning.

        You can get your own ClustrMap "Free" by clicking here. I pay a bit more to have a map that allows me to click on and enlarge different parts of the world map so I can see various regions. To add the map to your website or blog you need to know how to copy and paste some html code into your web page. It must be easy if I could do it.

My map of Europe this morning is shown below.

Example of regional map available if you order an upgrade to ClustrMap +
Just one more toy for the computer addict.
Landscape Finished (1/12):
        Yesterday I put the final touches on a watercolor I started last Fall. It shows early morning sagebrush up in Taos. The photos I worked from were taken when I was in Taos last October. The early morning light is the best time to explore the Taos area.

Early Morning Sagebrush in Taos

        I'll mat and frame this one for our exhibit at the Jewish Community Center in February. If it doesn't sell, then I will still be able to enter it in the NMWS Spring Exhibition. That deadline is March 7th, 2008. You can download a prospectus here. The juried exhibit is open to NMWS members only. If you wish to join the NMWS - download an application here. Our Spring Show will be in the Hispanics Arts Building at Expo New Mexico. The show runs May 10 - 31, 2008.
Back to Painting at Last (1/11):
        I got back to painting again today after a long holiday break. I paint with a group of other artists, on Friday mornings, at the Unitarian Church. I took a painting I started back in December. I made some progress today. My big concern is the liquid masque that's been on the paper for over a month. The subjects are of course two of my triplet grandkids. It's Timothy and Tiffanie playing at the White Sands National Monument in Southern New Mexico.

<<<   click on unfinished
             watercolor for a
                larger image

       Welcome Home Bill (1/10):
        Our Governor hung up his spurs from his campaign for the White House today. Now he can put on real spurs and ride in his beloved New Mexico. Richardson was the most qualified of all those running - but we seem to want fresh new ideas more than experience. Bill Richardson also had the best TV ads as well. But, I'll still vote for my candidate, John Edwards, in the New Mexico caucus on February 5th. Edwards has the ability to articulate the issue in a specific way that hits home for me. Perhaps, down the road, we will end up with an Obama / Edwards ticket. That way we can have a combination of "Hope and Passion". Then Bill Richardson can be our Secretary of State where he can truly put his many talents to good use. If not, we like him as Governor.
        I took a group of elderly ladies (older than me) through Temples and Tombs today. The exhibit is drawing large crowds. It's great to see the galleries full. Since I can't tell some stories to children - I got to tell one today. The one about Osiris (Lord of the Underworld), who was killed by his brother Set, who chopped Osiris into pieces, then his penis was thrown in the Nile where it was eaten by a fish. Afterward there was a ban on eating fish. Later, Osiris's wife Isis, with the assistance of Thoth, was able to return Osiris to life, but was unable to recover the penis, so she replaced it with an artificial penis made of gold. Through it, she conceived Horus. Check it out on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penis_removal
Arts Alliance Meeting (1/9):
        There was a good turnout for the monthly Art's Alliance meeting at noon today. The secret must have been the free pizza, Dion's of course. Only in New Mexico would you get pizza with green chili on it. The mission of the Art's Alliance is to support the arts in Albuquerque. They have a gallery space with monthly exhibits. The Watercolor Society has an exhibit planned there in December - a great spot for Christmas sales. The Alliance also has workshops for artists. Four workshops are planned for this year. One on framing is planned for March, another on developing your own arts business is planned for June. In July they plan a workshop on marketing yourself as an artist. Then in September I'm doing one on building web sites.
        Among the many, many things the Alliance does is to advertise events like the two monthly Arts Crawls each month. They are on the first and third Fridays of every month. There is never a shortage of art related activities in Albuquerque. Most activities can be found on the weekly update I get via e-mail called Something to Do, sent out by the Arts Alliance.
Blossom Playing Soccer:
        Blossom loves to play soccer in the back yard. She will chase that red ball forever. But she still can't seem to understand the concept that the backyard is her restroom. I took a movie of her playing with her soccer ball. Just click on her photo to download the movie. The movie lasts 29 seconds and is 8.9 MB in size.

click on Blossom to see movie    >>>
    Deleted 2007 (1/8):
        This morning I deleted all my left over, and mostly unread, e-mails from 2007. That's something which is possible in this cyber world. If you don't need it anymore - just hit delete. I had this conversation with my grand daughter, Tiffanie, over the holidays. She has this neat hand held computer game, Nintendo DS with a program called Dogs 2. I listened while she spent hours on it, first choosing her dog, teaching it a name, training and caring for it. She even feeds the pooch and cleans up after it, a very delightful concept. Later I heard Tiffanie talking to a new dog. "Where is your other dog," I asked. "Did you board her in Doggie Day Care ?" "No Poppie - I deleted her." We argued for sometime about how cruel it was to "delete" a puppy. Tiffanie kept trying to convince me that it was OK because "it's not real Poppie, it's just a computer dog." I tried to sway her to my point of view - that it was not right to throw away a puppy that you loved, to no avail. I'm glad she knows the difference even though I loved the discussion about "cyber ethics" with her. Nine year olds are pretty smart.
  Monday, Monday (1/07):
         Monday, Monday is an old song by "The Mamas and The Papas" from the 70's. I just added it to my i-pod along with other songs from the group. Partly from nostalgia for my wasted youth. Monday is also the day I go back to docent training at the museum. It's raining in Albuquerque and Blossom doesn't want to stay outside - but she "never" wants to be outside alone. Readers of this blog may tire of hearing about our new puppy.

Docent Training:
        Wonderful session today - we had a panel of people explain how the museum sets up for each major new exhibit. We heard from our Curator of Exhibitions, our Graphic Designer and two carpenters. After a theme and design is decided upon, it's up to our talented carpenters to build everything. They even sculpted the massive columns (from styrofoam) at the entrance to our Egyptian exhibit. Our huge north gallery has a totally different look and feel for each exhibition thanks to these folks. A lot of politics effect our exhibits as well since we are a city museum. Today was very educational. Just seeing the scale model of the north gallery was en lighting.

Adjusting (1/06):
         Blossom went to the beauty shop yesterday and came home with ribbons in her hair. She is starting to adjust to life here in Albuquerque. She got a large soft bean bag to relax on and some new chew toys so she won't eat our furniture. Blossom still barks at her own reflection in the glass door. She still won't pee on the rocks. Our landscaping consists of rocks, grass takes too much time and water in an arid place like Albuquerque. I hope what little ground cover I have around the flagstone survives while she adjusts.
        We have not had a puppy (young dog) for years now. We are adjusting as well. Blossom sniffs around inspecting everything. There seems to be no limit to what goes into her mouth. I quote Satchel
, a dog who also chews on everything, from "Get Fuzzy" in this mornings comics, "While only 11% of objects are food, 35% are, in fact edible". Life is a lot like the comics.
<<<    click on blossoms pic for a larger image
Can You Believe ?
        Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney said, "...... the reason health care isn't working like a market right now is you have 47 million people that are saying, 'I'm not going to play. I'm just going to get free care paid for by everybody else.' That doesn't work." This was said during the ABC debate from Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday night. Does he really believe that millions of people don't have health insurance by choice. Is he really so rich that he can't understand that some people can't afford to pay the premiums. To be sure I heard him correctly, I looked up the transcript of the debate published by the New York Times - see page 15 of the transcript.
       Earlier in the debate, in response to Senator Mc Cain, Romney said, "Don't turn the pharmaceutical companies into the big bad guys." Credit goes to Mc Cain for Quickly saying, "Well, they are." My doctor told me that the Democrats would make some changes in our health care mess even though he believes they are also in the pockets of the drug companies. I only hope the people of New Hampshire were listening and reject the lopsided logic of Mr. Romney.
NAEA New Orleans (1/05):
        The most recent issue of NAEA News lists the presentations and workshops in New Orleans. With over 1000 presentations, 60 workshops and 200 exhibitors, it looks like a worthwhile trip. By car, it's 1169 miles from Albuquerque to the Big Easy. Our route takes us straight through Fort Worth which is a great place to stop and check out some wonderful museums. It's about time we got back to Fort Worth. I'm doing two hands-on workshops at NAEA this year. The one on Collograph Printmaking is on Friday evening and the other on building a Kaleidocycle is on Saturday evening. The NAEA has a $30 fee for each of my workshops and a limit of 25 participants in each.

Collograph Printmaking                    Build a Kaleidocycle: Art That Moves
sample                                                       sample
  Friday, March 28th  6:30 to 8:30 pm            Saturday, March 29th  6:30 to 8:30 pm
       Elmwood 3rd Floor Hilton                              Elmwood 3rd Floor Hilton

        It's also good news that both are in the same location so I'll be able to get familiar with the location. This will also be a great chance to again meet my list serve friends from the web. For NAEA Conference highlights in pdf click here.
                                        Hilton New Orleans Riverside
Triplet Art:
        Being an old art teacher, I could hardly visit my grandkids for Christmas without taking an art project along. This trip back to Kansas I took block letters for the triplets to decorate for their rooms. We used mod podge and colored tissue to complete the letters after first painting them white. Here are the triplets at work on their holiday art:
Change Won (1/04):
         My candidate, John Edwards, gave a powerful speech after his second place finish in the Iowa caucus. Adding Obama and Edwards percentages together makes a 68% vote for change. Obama's victory was great and he gave an important speech afterward. Yet, hearing Edward's words reminded me why I so strongly back him. The republican's call him angry. If he is angry - there are plenty of good reasons to be angry today. John Edwards said, "The one thing that's clear from tonight's caucus is that the status quo lost and change won."  You can see and hear the entire speech on You Tube. New Mexico votes on Feburary 5th and I'll be there, proudly standing up for John Edwards. My Jayhawks also won in the Orange Bowl, but somehow sports don't seem that important with so many dying over in Iraq and thousands losing their homes over here.

Welcome Blossom (1/03):
        When we returned from frozen Kansas, we brought a new family member home with us. Blossom is our new puppy. Click Here to see pics of Blossom playing in the Kansas snow. The triplets got her for Grandma and Poppie as a Christmas present. She traveled well on our drive back. Now she needs to adjust to life in Albuquerque without grass and without the snow she loved playing with back in Kansas.

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