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October 2007
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Tiffanie in Square Mat
Tiffanie Painting Matted (10/1):
         My watercolor of Tiffanie is matted and waiting on a 24 inch square frame. I'll enter it in Western Federation in Southern Arizona. If it's accepted, I'll change it out to an all white mat. Thanks to all who voted and made suggestions. I took Michael's advice and cropped the shadow - but first I had to extend the blue shadow long enough to look right.
        You can never guess what a juror will decide. But I should here from Western Fed in time to submit the rejected paintings inti MasterWorks of New Mexico due in January. The other two paintings I entered into Western Fed are shown Below.

NMWS Meeting Tonight:
        Gerald Brommer will do a demo at our watercolor society meeting tonight. Jerry juried our Fall Exhibition and is conducting a week long watercolor workshop for us. Artists drop off accepted work tomorrow (Tuesday) to be hung. Preview night is this Friday and I expect we will have a good turnout after the large write up we got in Sunday's Albuquerque Journal. I'm sending the article to the triplets so they can see my painting of them playing on the beach in California.

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  How's the Diet Going ?
        This South Beach Diet thing really works. I'm down 19 1/2 lbs since August 8th. The scale this morning read 204 lbs. A real help was changing the time of day that we walk from morning to after dinner. We did our 3 plus miles as it turned dark last night. With daylight savings time ending on November 4th, this may create a schedule problem. But, I should be at my goal of 200 lbs by then anyway.
        Normal Meals for the Day:
            Breakfast: Hot Tea - Brand Flakes/Strawberrys w2 % Milk
            Lunch: Lite Cottage Cheese w Tomatoes
            Dinner: Green Salad/wLiteDressing
Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast/Rice/Steamed Veg
            Evening: Sugar Free Pudding
                            No Breads, No Potatoes, No Fried Food
         my blood pressure is now in the normal range again as well

A Master Hand
Gerald Brommer:
          Tonight's demo was by a real master. It was a standing room only crowd to see Gerald Brommer paint. But it was his words of wisdom that impressed everyone the most.  All week, Jerry will be conducting a workshop for members of the NMWS at the Fine Arts Building. He juried our fall exhibition and will select the top award winners this week. As Jerry painted his every brush stroke was projected for all to see.
        Tomorrow, we drop off our framed work for the show. Then on Friday we open with our Preview/Awards Night from 6 to 8 pm.
Election Day (10/2):
          Albuquerque has city elections today. Frani and I usually vote early at home and mail our ballots. But not this time - just too busy. We will go vote this morning. I'll vote right - Frani doesn't always vote correctly, but that's her decision.
        When I take my painting to the show this morning - I'm picking up 17 additional watercolors which were shipped to the exhibit. We use a company called Mail Box to handle work that needs to be shipped in or out of Albuquerque. I finally ordered a "Strong Box" (shipping carton) to use when and if I get into any distant exhibits. When it arrives - I'm going to have fun decorating it.
203 1/2
35 Quality
Middle School Art Lessons
in powerpoint format,
on one CD
$17 (includes shipping)

Ordering Address:
PO Box 91703
Albuquerque, NM   
Clean the Garage (10/3):
         Frani says, "If we have a storage unit, why can't I park my car in the garage ?" She's right so today I'll move stuff out so her car can get in. Everyone needs a little incentive. Frani is my incentive.

Lesson on CD:
         I also need to burn more of my "Quality Art Lessons" onto CD's so I can sell them to Colorado art teachers in Pueblo. The lessons are presented in powerpoint fashion. They are photos of my students working through a lesson "step by step" rather than a written lesson plan. I created them first for parent conferences. Later I decided to share them with other art teachers. There are 35 powerpoints on the single CD. I guess that is a bit of self-promotion - but it's my blog. A sample lesson can be found by clicking here. And, that lesson is not on the CD - I'm presenting it in Pueblo.

CD Cover
eight grade
student Pavina
working on
a sculpture

Goodbye Pete (10/4):
         Yesterday, Pete Domenici said he was stepping down at the end of this term in the US Senate. It's about time. He has held the seat since 1972. That's so, so long ago. In 1972, I was a youthful delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Miami for George McGovern. I wasn't even 30 years old yet. Here is a photo from the KC Star of several of our McGovern committee. The photo came from an article in the Kansas City Star about our surprise upset. I'm the one on the phone. A lot of New Mexico Democrats will be happy to see Pete leave. And, a lot of them will consider replacing him now that the seat is up for grabs. Let's do a dance for Pete's Sake.
 <<<   Me in 1972

New Book Arrived:
        I got my copy of "Against All Odds", it's the story of artist Dean Mitchell's boyhood and how he became an artist. It's written as a children's book for about 4th or 5th grade readers. I think it's an important publication. Dean lived and worked in a Kansas City suburb but recently returned to his boyhood home - Florida. The best place to see a wide selection of his work is at the Bryant Gallery in New Orleans.

Book about
Dean Mitchell

from old Rosedale
Watercolor Opening (10/5):
         Tonight is the Preview/Awards night for the NMWS Fall Exhibition. As president, I get to hand out the awards. Will I have a phonetic pronunciation guide like George W gets ? I doubt it. With the good publicity we got - it should be a good turn out. I mailed a copy of the article to the triplets since the interview was mostly about them.

Colorado Workshop:
        I'm getting things ready for the workshop I'm presenting on Kaleidocycles for the Colorado art teachers. Last year, I did my collograph printmaking workshop for Colorado teachers. This year I'm trying something different. I tried to put a link to my lesson plan for Kaleidocycles on the school web site I built years ago. But, it appears that they have finally taken down the site. Too bad - but it is their server space that was being used.

Balloons Soon:
         Our annual Balloon Fiesta will start Saturday morning if the weather allows. Winds can cause problems so they may cancel Saturdays mass ascension. They often land right behind our house. With the park almost finished there will be grass to land on this year.

my watercolor
of Debbie
in her balloon
Surprise Prize:
         I read out names and handed out the awards to the winners tonight. Surprise - I got 3rd prize for my watercolor of the triplets playing on the beach. That's my second award this year. Things are looking up. The money is nice but the recognition is so much more important. Frani took the photo of me next to my painting. The opening of our fall exhibition was wonderful. We had a good turn out with lots of goodies to eat and my friend Josh Hanna playing music. A very nice evening. Congratulations to everyone for all the work to make this success happen.

over our house
Back From Colorado (10/8):
         The Colorado art teachers (CAEA) really know how to put on a great conference. Unfortunately, I had to rush up, do my workshop, and hurry back. It was a good trip and the Kaleidocycles went over quite well. Next year, the meet in Breckenridge and I'd like to try teaching web site construction.
         Today is Docent training and our travel committee meets to set plans for our day trip for the docents this fall to "El Camino Real Center" 30 miles South of Socorro. This is the history training year for new docents. We also plan stops at Bosque del Apache and Fort Craig which are not far away from the "El Camino Real Center".
         My friend Angie is in town and I want to spend some time with her today. We both taught at Rosedale before she retired and moved to Arkansas.

<<<    Balloons Are Back   >>>

in the sun

3rd grader creating
beadwork design
Tour Today (10/9):
         It was great, today, to have a group of students to take on a tour. We had 3rd and 5th graders and the teacher requested art. The teacher had won a free Magic Bus to bring her students to the museum. I was first docent today, so I threw a project together, last night, to fit our Blue Winds Dancing exhibit of Native-American art. The students were wonderful and my impromptu project about quillwork and beadwork went over quite well.
I did a double take early this morning
when I saw balloons passing by our house.
This was the view from
a window in our living room   >>>

5th graders
quill and beadwork

Mable Dodge Luhan House
SWAHC #19 Taos (10/11):
         What a wonderful setting for a conference – under the Taos mountain with the cottonwoods turning yellow in the crisp Fall air. One can hear the Magpies cry, the Coyotes howl, and of course the legendary Taos hum, especially after a glass of wine.
         I arrived last night to attend an “anti social” in the historic Mable Dodge Luhan House. This is the third year I’ve attended a  “Southwest Art History Conference” in Taos. This is the first time it’s been held in the Mable Dodge house. What could be more fitting than being held inside this work of art and slice of Southwest history.
         I choose to stay at the Quality Inn. My motel is owned by the Blair’s
who also own the Sagebrush Inn where I stay when I’m painting every June. Like the Sagebrush, the Blair’s have filled the Quality Inn with their extensive art collection. Several originals paintings of Navajo women by R C Gordon and the large eyed Spanish beauties by Miguel Martinez’s line the motel walls. At breakfast, I sat under a large watercolor of petroglyphs by Pat Wolf who runs the watercolor workshop I attend every June.

possible watercolor
from taos photos
Two Days of Art History (10/12):
          This is a small conference on art history related to the southwest which is held in Taos each year. Most presenters either have their PhD or are just finishing one. The presentations are kept short - 20 to 30 minutes each. There were 14 presenters over the two days on various topics ranging from the Taos Society of Artists to Jackson Pollock and Mark Tobey. There were also presentations on Native-American's like Kiowa artists Jack Hokeah, Potowatomi painter Woody Crumbo, and Acee Blue Eagle.  Other topics included Andrew Dasburg's final mural in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and John Sloan's depictions of people in the Southwest.
         Of course this conference is just another reason to visit Taos. It's like taking very short art history courses without tests, or papers or grades. I spent much of my free time shooting photos which I may paint from later on. I took advantage of the raking light early in the mornings or just before sunset.
         One of the most interesting presentations was on "Ledger Art" by and artist named "Making Medicine". He was transported to Fort Marion in Florida. Making Medicine's captivity stemmed from the Red River Uprising of 1874-1875, a series of battles between the U.S. Army and several Native American tribes of the southern Great Plains. The army imprisoned 72 of the Indians deemed most dangerous at Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida; Making Medicine was among them. The indians had no rights and were given no trial. The parallels to today's Gitmo seem quite strong.
Another Painting Sold (10/13):
          I got a notice when I got home from Taos that my watercolor of the triplets on the beach has a buyer. Selling my grandchildren is becoming a regular thing now. Perhaps I will paint more in the future. Of course, I have another untapped resource - I have yet to paint the great-grandkids. The timing of the sale is good because a shipment of frames and plexiglass just arrived and the credit card bill will soon follow. I'll head out to paint with friends this morning at the La Mesa church.
         Last night I printed out ten photos from my visit to Taos as possible ideas for new watercolors. Taos has a wealth of subjects that inspire me to paint. I was able to get out when the light was just right to capture the shadows that I love to include in my Watercolors.
Here's a pic of shadows from my Friday morning drive    >>>

Fence Shadows Taos

click on invitation
for larger image
Sunday Morning (10/14):
        There is something comfortable about a Sunday morning - the large newspaper in the driveway, CBS Sunday Morning on the TV, a cup of tea, etc. I love the relaxing feeling of a Sunday morning. Now, I find that if I miss my Sunday morning TV fix - I can check out some of the highlights on the web. I especially recommend the 2:23 minute clip on museum architecture from this mornings show.
       As I type, balloons are starting to rise in the Northern sky. But the wind doesn't seem to be bringing the balloons toward our house this morning. Today is the last day of our Balloon Fiesta this year. I've missed most of it because I've been out of town so much. Perhaps next year I'll take the balloons in fully.

Watercolor Invite:
         I'm posting an invitation to my next watercolor show. Twelve artists who paint together every Friday morning are showing our paintings at the Unitarian Church on Carlisle. I'll have three large watercolors in the exhibit. The opening is on Sunday, November 4th. Frani will bake some treats so that's a good reason to attend the opening reception.  It will be a great show - try to make it by to see our artistic efforts.
Lost Ground
207 1/2
Click on Cards
for larger view

Note Card Sets
For Sale
Tuesday (10/16):
         Yesterday's educational program for the docents was by an archaeologist about the peoples who have lived here, in what is now Albuquerque. This area has been continually occupied for 12,000 years. The Rio Grande was the reason peoples stayed around here. It used to be a mighty river, more than a mile wide in places. Of course now it has been controlled. When Coronado arrived in 1540 there were 15 to 20 thousand people living here. 
I passed out fliers announcing our day trip for the docents. On Friday, November 16th we are going to "El Camino Real Center" 30 miles South of Socorro. This is the history training year for new docents. We also plan stops at Bosque del Apache and Fort Craig which are not far away from the "El Camino Real Center".

Selling My Grandkids:
        I'm beginning to test market note cards of my watercolors today. The first set of five cards (with envelopes) will show paintings of my beautiful triplet grandkids - "of course". I'm selling a set of 5 for $5.00 (plus $2.00 for Shipping and Handling) or $10.00 for two sets (plus $2.00) or $15.00 for three sets (shipping is free for three sets). Just send a request for the number of sets you want (with a check) to:
 Woody Duncan - PO Box 91703 - Albuquerque, NM - 87199-1703
I'm also working on additional note card sets of my watercolors of "adobe churches" and my "flower paintings". Check my web site for details.

New Mexico Churches
More Note Cards Available (10/17):
         I put together two more sets of note cards of my watercolors today. One set is of three adobe churches in New Mexico. The third set is from my flower paintings.  The peonies are from Hobby Lobby but all the other flowers were grown in our back yard. If the cards don't sell - I'll be writing a lot of notes to friends or using them as gifts. Another artist who sells note cards told me mine were too cheap. Perhaps, but then more people can buy them and even use them to send notes to their friends and family. A hand written note is such a nice touch in this age of technology especially when accompanied by a meaningful image. Anyway, I'm doing this for the fun of it. In retirement that's the only reason to do anything - just for the fun in it.
        If anyone wants to order any cards, or all of them go to this page to know where to send the order. Then you can write notes to your friends - just for the fun of it.

Woody's Flowers
NMWS Newsletter (10/18):
          Our beautiful newsletter editor, Mar, just sent me the November issue of "Brushstrokes". That's the monthly issue of our newsletter for the New Mexico Watercolor Society. You can read the PDF version on line by clicking here. Our watercolor society membership is open to anyone who loves watercolor or New Mexico. You don't have to live in the land of enchantment to join. We would love to have support from watercolor lovers everywhere. You can download an entry form as a jpeg file by clicking here.
         I'm back at trying to lose weight again. I'm down to 206 lbs again. Besides eating salads - I need to get out and walk. That 3 1/2 miles a day really makes all the difference.
206 pounds
Time Machine:
         Someone named Jill was looking for my web pages on Kaleidocycles. My old school district had taken the school web site off their server. Jill told me about a wonderful site called Web Archive that appears to have every lost web page ever known. I pulled up the site http://www.archive.org/index.php and typed in the address (URL) of my old middle schools web site. Now - this is way too cool - it gave me links to every version of the site I had ever created from back to the first version in 2000. When I pulled up a page from say 2003, all the links worked and I could relive history. Not that anyone might want to revisit Middle School - but some do. I've had old students contact me to ask why the pages on the Spring Dance were not there anymore. Now I know they are still out there in cyber space on some enormous server - somewhere ???
        Try it - look for the lost web pages of your life - they are out there if you have the URL. I guess you can not erase anything that has been put on the web.
Watercolor (10/19):
         This morning it's my turn to sit with our watercolor exhibition at the fine arts building. It's a wonderful exhibit this year. I have not been back to see it since the opening over two weeks ago. Our membership should be proud of the quality of the work on display.
        I've been invited to do a watercolor workshop in Las Cruces in March. I'm delighted to go down and share ideas with members of our Southern Chapter. The studio space limits my workshop to only 10 to 12 students which makes for a cozy group. I like the idea of working with students one on one in a small group. It's a Friday / Saturday workshop so people who work will be able to attend. I'll also stay through Sunday to do a demo for the monthly meeting of the Southern Chapter of the NMWS. I understand the studio space has a great view of the mountains as well.

Tri Loom
Weaving Book:
         I've got a friend from high school who weaves some beautiful items. They now live on a farm in Southern Missouri. Barb has written a book on weaving techniques. I highly suggest that anyone who weaves check out her book. You can buy it from her web site to be snail mailed to you or you can pay to download a copy. But that's a waste of expensive printer ink. Click Here to see her book on Tri Loom weaving. The book can be purchased or downloaded from a site called Lulu.
        You can contact Barb via e-mail to ask her questions about the process or her book. It looks to me to be an excellent way to get weaving into a High School or Middle School art program. Check it out.

Weaving from Book

"Four Buttons"
click on image for larger view
Award Winners (10/20):
         Before I head off to paint with friends, this morning, at La Mesa Church. I want to post a link to the award winning paintings on the NMWS web site. Thank you Dell for posting the winners on the site. It's a fantastic exhibition - one of our best. It will continue on display (10 am till 4 pm) Thursdays thru Sundays until October 28th. Be sure to stop by the Fine Arts Building at Expo New Mexico before it closes.
        Yesterday morning was my turn to sit with the show. It gave me time to walk around and really get a good look at the exhibit. The variety and the quality of the work is quite outstanding.
Poppie Watercolor Finished:
         I finished my poppie painting today which I titled "Four Buttons". I'm fairly happy with it. Now, I can go back to painting the triplets. Today it was my turn to bring treats for our Saturday painting group. Frani made her special Southwest Cheesecake for me to take. It's served more like a spread onto crackers or tortilla chips. Of course it went over great. Frani knows how to make me look good. If anyone wants the recipe - just click here.

Frani's SW Cheesecake
click on image for larger view
  NMAEA Conference Next Month (10/21):
         I maintain the web site for art teachers in New Mexico. I just posted the schedule for workshops at our state conference on the web site. This year's conference will be held in Albuquerque on November 9th, 10th and 11th. You can check out the list of presenters by clicking here. I'm doing my tessellations workshop. My friend Michael Cellan is driving down from Colorado Springs to present his "Making Cool Art With Wax Crayons".
        Since retiring to New Mexico, I've attended the last three NM state conferences held for two years at  Sunrise Springs and then last year in Santa Fe. The attendance gets larger each year so they moved it to UNM here in Albuquerque. New Mexico is a large state and teachers will be driving in from as far away as Las Cruces, Gallup, Farmington and Tucumcari.

Sunday Morning:
         Lazy days like Sunday Mornings are a good time to update my web site with pics of Frani's new quilts. I took the photos yesterday and put them on the web this morning. If you click here you can see what keeps my lovely wife so busy.

Frani getting quilts
ready for photographs
Michael Naranjo:
          Today's lecture at the museum was a very special treat.
Michael Naranjo, renowned sculptor, spoke about his work and his life. The program was in celebration of Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month. Naranjo, a resident of Santa Clara Pueblo, lost his sight in 1968 due to a injury, by a grenade, in Vietnam.  The Dancer, to the left, is part of the museum's permanent collection and is installed in our extensive sculpture garden. For a larger image click here.
         Totally blind since age 23, Michael has become a highly respected sculptor. As he also lost most of the use of his right hand so he sculpts with his left. He spoke today, for about an hour about his art and his life. He has become a strong advocate for accessible art for the blind. Since he sees only through his hands, he understands the need for museums to allow touching in certain conditions. The most touching story was about his second visit to "see" Michelangelo's David. On his first visit to Italy he could only reach high enough to "see" the ankles. When he returned a year later they had erected scaffolding so he was able to spend three hours carefully "viewing" the masterpiece.

click on book
to order used
from amazon.com

Egypt Training (10/22):
         Today was our first training on the upcoming exhibit on Egyptian Art at the Albuquerque museum. It's going to be a great exhibition. The docents are really excited about this exhibit.
Temples and Tombs:
Treasures of Egyptian Art from The British Museum
November 18, 2007 - February 10, 2008

          There is enough time to bone up on the material prior to opening day. We expect good response from the public especially over the holidays. The catalogue for this exhibit is available through amazon.com as a used book for $5.95 plus shipping. The "used" copy I received was brand new and still wrapped in the original plastic.

Armor in Four Centuries

John Edwards
Tour Day (10/23):
         Every other Tuesday, from 10 to 12, our docent team takes school children through the museum. Today we had a group of 4th graders to take through Four Centuries (New Mexico History). The group of 13 young men and ladies I had today were bright and quite curious. They made me look good by asking lots of questions and remembering the terms I tossed out to them. If this is our future, we are in good hands.
        Their teacher is doing a wonderful job with these kids. Later in the school year they are to do a tour of Casa San Ysidro. That's out in Corrales - it's an original home, built by the Gutiérrez family, which dates to the 1870s. It is restored - and well maintained and a wonderful resource for the community.
        Our team had lunch together, in old town, to reflect upon what worked this time and how we might improve our presentations. The museum gives us a free had to design our own tours - no recipe is handed down. This works quite well. It's nice to be trusted.

         If you follow my blog - you know my politics. A friend sent me a web based issues survey - which, when you finished - the survey then matched your responses with the candidates. As I suspected - my closest matches were Kucinich and Gravel. And my candidate of choice (John Edwards) came in eight in a field of eight. I do differ with Edwards on a few issues like withdrawal of "all" our troops "tomorrow". But I agree with Edwards on economic issues like wages, trade, education, health care and taxes. America has become very top heavy in wealth distribution. Those who actually do the labor get the least for their contribution, while those with wealth get every break possible for very little effort. OK - I'm a Fred Harris style populist. I supported Fred Harris in his bid for the Democratic nomination in 1976.
         I believe John Edwards has the best ideas and as president he has the ability to persuade the public to support making the correct decisions. And, yes I believe we really can eliminate poverty in 20 years. Another point - John Edwards can win the general election. Just look at recent national polls, especially he can carry more marginal states than the other contenders. Any Democrat can carry New York and California. The election will be determined in the heartland. People who look at politics as a horse race are looking at Hillary because the media has her ahead. I worry that there are so many Clinton haters out there that her nomination would be a gift to the Republicans who do not deserve another chance this century.

Casa San Ysirdo

New Mexico Chamisa
New Note Cards (10/24):
         Today I added a fourth set of note cards. This set is of five of my poppy paintings. I'm in the process of updating my order forms to reflect the new cards as well. If anyone wants to order any of my note cards, or all of them go to this page to find out where to send the order to. Then you can write notes to your friends - just for the fun of it. I'd love to get images of my watercolors out there.
         Now, I need to get back to painting so I'll have some new images to use. I'm currently working on a painting of Chamisa, up in Taos, with it's bright yellow flowers. Fall is a beautiful time of the year. It's gotten almost to freezing here in Albuquerque once or twice to date. But the lows this week will be around 45 so my roses are OK for a while yet. The afternoon temperatures get up into the high 70's - so it's great for walking.

new poppy cards

St Louis NAEA 1976
NAEA 1976:
          The first time I attended a national art teachers convention (NAEA) was 1976 in St Louis, Missouri. I posted a photo of me taken at a "face workshop" at that convention. We were introduced to several lessons dealing with the face as subject matter. I used one of those lessons in my first classes and later developed an entire semester for seventh graders using the face as subject.
        That was just before I started to teach. I knew after I was on the job, my district would not allow me time to attend another. As the years went by they lightened up some.
They gave us some professional release time as long as we covered our own expenses. Later, I got to attend conventions in San Francisco, Kansas City, New York and Denver. Hopefully I'll be in New Orleans next March - on my own dime, since I'm retired now.
         I submitted two proposals for workshops in New Orleans. I'll just have to wait to find out if either is accepted.

KU Watch out
Beautiful Triplet Grandkids (10/25):
         Today I got a wonderful surprise - new pics of Tim, Tess and Tiffanie in my e-mail. They are in the third grade this year and how fast they grow. College can't be far away.
Tiffanie Timothy Tess
Chamisa Painting (10/26):
         I made some progress on my chamisa painting this morning. I'm working from a photo I took up in Taos over a week ago. There is still liquid masque on the yellow tips of the chamisa. Every Friday I paint with friends at the Unitarian Church. Then on Saturday mornings, I paint with a different group at La Mesa Presbyterian. Right now - I need to clean my studio so I can paint at home. Perhaps I will finish the chamisa watercolor tomorrow.

My New Desk
Christmas in October:
         Frani gave me my Christmas present early this year. She bought me the beautiful wooden desk I've been looking at for a while. It looks real good with my i-mac on it. It was also a good incentive to clean up my studio. While I was doing that - Frani was up on a ladder washing windows. We want to have a clear view of the Sandia and any balloons that might float by.

Window Washer

Click on Cartoon
for larger image
Chamisa Watercolor Finished (10/27):
         I believe it's finished - at least I stopped and I'll put it in a mat before any changes are attempted. Hopefully, tomorrow we will make a trip to "Fourth of July Canyon" in the Manzano mountains. The trees are suppose to be beautiful there. Perhaps this is a bit late for the best color - we will see. There is 4 1/2 mile trail there - but we both need the exercise.

<<<    Trever Cartoons:
          In the three years I've been in Albuquerque I've come to love John Trever's political cartoons in the Journal. I stopped by to get an autographed copy of his newest book "Manana Republic" today. I choose to post his cartoon that shows the school district (APS) dumping music teachers to lighten the load (Budget Cuts).
Another Lazy Sunday (10/28):
         Frani said I should take a "before" photo of my studio - but, I'm waiting till I finish cleaning it up. I'm actually throwing things out. I went through some old paintings deciding witch ones to trash and witch ones to paint on the back of. 300 lb Arches cost too much to just toss out. In a bit, I need to take a break and go pick up my watercolor of the triplets playing on the beach from our Fall exhibit. I thought it had a buyer, but he changed his mind. So, I'll bring my grandkids home.
         We are waiting until Tuesday to hike in the Fourth of July Canyon. There is so much of our adopted state that we have yet to see. But, we have lots of time to take it all in. I want to get down to see the very large array (VLA) too - and the Zuni Pueblo. That's another side trip.
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More on Egypt (10/29):
         We learned more than enough about the mummification process and how it developed in early Egypt. My middle schoolers would have loved it but I hid my eyes when it came to shots of organs being removed by hand or the hook up the nostrils to pull out the brains piece by piece. Too bad all the blood and guts won't be on display when our Temples and Tombs Exhibit opens on November 18th. This exhibit should bring more of the public into the museum.

NMWS Permanent Collection:

         I helped move 17 paintings (part of our permanent collection) back from our exhibition at the fair grounds. They are now back hanging at REDW, (our accounting firm). We always display a portion of the collection at each watercolor show. There are 88 pieces in the collection now. The REDW walls are best watercolor exhibit in all of Albuquerque. It's nice that the art is on display where it can be appreciated year round rather than stored away in some dark place. In return, REDW pays our insurance costs on the collection and does our taxes for free.
Prairie Dogs & Rail Runner (10/30):
          I'm eagerly awaiting the commuter train "Rail Runner" being extended into downtown Santa Fe. Then I can walk down to the Journal Station and catch a ride to Santa Fe. But the construction may be delayed until they can relocate some Prairie Dogs. They have already relocated about 140 prairie dogs from areas of the rail project along I-25. Construction in Downtown Santa Fe should start in January, but work won't begin until late April on about a half-mile segment of the rail line in the area of the prairie dog colony. They can't relocate the little things while they are sleeping in the winter months. It's quite interesting to live in a state that worries so much about the environment and it's smallest residents.

New Lens:
         I went on shopping on e-bay for a zoom lens for my Kodak carousel projector. My new zoom lens should arrive soon. I also bought the projector on e-bay over a year ago but it didn't have a zoom lens. They don't make
carousel projectors any more since it's old technology. What a great invention - this garage sale on the web - that e-bay is. Perhaps we should start selling our old stuff on there. Just $9.99 plus shipping - it's well worth it.

Rail Runner
Jan Hart's Book:
         It just arrived - my autographed copy of Jan Hart's new book. It came in the mail today: "The Watercolor Artist's guide to Exceptional Color." You can order it from Amazon or better yet get a signed personal copy straight from Jan in Espanola, New Mexico. Tell Jan "Hi from Woody." Her book is beautiful and will serve me well in getting more color into my watercolors.
Halloween Night (10/31):
         Are you ready ? We are - bowls of candy are near the door awaiting the Ghosts and Goblins that will be ringing our doorbell tonight. I don't know how many kids will be out on a Wednesday evening. But we will keep the lights on until the candy is gone. This is not the fun night it used to be. Many parents are afraid to let their kids out. Yes, there are some sick people out there. Then, some churches are having "Hell Houses" to teach children what happens if they ever stray from the correct path. It's an attempt to demonstrate that everyone who is not saved will go to hell when they die - perhaps sooner, if Jesus returns. Then, I read this morning that the Catholic church in Mexico is trying to stop the "American Influence" of Halloween trick or treating. They want to return to the old traditional practice of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) - rather than the wicked witches and devils of the Halloween being practiced in the US of A.
Happy Halloween

Halloween in Kansas
click on photo for larger image
Ready to Paint:
         I finally got my studio straightened up enough to begin painting. Next, I'm going to stretch some sheets of Arches. Good music and a place to paint is all I need. If you click on the pic of my studio you can see a larger image. Those dark shapes hanging in the middle of the room are a ceramic balloon mobile my friend Jim gave me.
        I also found time , this morning, to remove all the links on my home page to my old Middle School lessons. The district took the site down. I still have several lessons on my site - so they are safe. I might reconstruct a few lessons using information that's out there on
a wonderful site called Web Archive witch appears to have every lost web page ever known. 
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