Virtual Tour of Kansas City
Art and Sculpture
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Welcome to Kansas City
We made this tour of
Kansas City Art and Sculpture
on May 23, 2000
Mr Duncan and Ms Murphy
were our
guides around the city.
Our first stop after leaving Rosedale was in the
river bottoms where the
stockyards used to be.
Kemper Sports Arena and
the new American Royal
buildings are there now.

Bull Wall by Robert Morris
Using Negative Space
Rust is really called "Patina"
Mother and Child
Realism in Contrast to the Abstract Forms of Robert Morris
What is "One Percent for Art" ?
Hale Arena / American Royal
Architecture is Sculpture too
Law in Kansas City, Missouri:
One percent of the cost of every
building must go for Art

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your tour guides
are 8th grade art students from
Rosedale Middle School

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