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Updated 9/29/13
PO Box 91703
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New Ordering Address
Woody Duncan
7236 Calle Montana NE
Albuquerque, NM
Zip 87113-1277
in powerpoint
on CD
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Quality Middle School Art Lessons
by Artist/Teacher Woody Duncan
retired in Albuquerque

Now 35 Lessons in Power Point Format
on a single CD

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8 New Additions to CD on 4/12/2004
     Added for NAEA Denver Conference

New Slab Sculpture PPt (36 Slides)
 8th Grade Slab over newspaper armature

New Clay Slab Faces (61 Slides)
 8th Grade Slab over plastic form

New Like An Egyptian (24 Slides)
 Art Staff Inservice creates Egyptian alphabet

New YAM Topeka 2004 (27 Slides)
 Statewide art exhibit under Capitol Dome

New Beyond the Classroom 2004 (42 Slides)
 District wide Student Art into the community

New WebDesignClassPPt (41 Slides)
 8th Graders create own web pages

New Three Reasons (9 Slides)
 Those Fantastic Triplets Again

New Art Staff Veg Out (15 Slides)
  Art Staff Inservice creates Food Art

* 7thGradeLinoPrints (44 Slides)
Self Portrait Linoleum Printmaking

*7thGradePuzzleFaces (23 Slides)
Simple Starter Lesson Creating Faces Without Drawing

*7thGradeTesselations (53 Slides)
MC Escher Type Design Using Equilateral Triangle

*Icosahedron (41 Slides)
20 Sided Regular Solid Created From Scratch

*7thGradeClayHeads (27 Slides)
Clay Sculpture Built on Armature Then Hollowed Out

*6thGradeOpArt (27 Slides)
Simple Lesson Based On Bridget Rileyís Painting

*ArtNotebooksNov2001 (24 Slides)
Artist Of The Week Drawings Maintained In Notebook

*Grade6RockArt (26 Slides)
Failsafe Lesson Based On Southwest Petroglyphs

*SelfPortraits (50 Slides)
Using Mirrors To Draw From Observation

*6thGradeCalligraphy (23 Slides)
Bamboo Brushes To Create Chinese Calligraphy

*PowerOfPowerPoint2 (18 Slides)
How To Design A Good Powerpoint Part 2

*PowerOfPowerPoint1 (13 Slides)
How To Design A Good Powerpoint Part 1

*8thGradeFlowerBasket (53 Slides)
Drawing From Observation For A Watercolor Painting

*MarieMasonInterview (35 Slides)
8th Graders Interview A Local Artist

*MarieMason (14 Slides)
Background Information On Local Artist

*ScholasticArtFaces2001 (34 Slides) 
Student Art From 2001 Scholastic Art Exhibition

*StudentArt2002 (92 Slides)
Student Art From 2002 Scholastic Art Exhibition

*6thGradeShields (42 Slides)
Creating A Paper And Cardboard Lakota Shield

**JazzCollageOnLine (92 Slides) (No Longer Available on CD)
Extensive Lesson Relating Art And Music / Improvisation
(this lesson is now the exclusive property of Kansas USD 500)

*ColorPrintmaking (184 Slides)
Extensive Lesson On Reduction Printmaking / Winter Olympics
  Also Includes Monoprints And Drypoint Prints

*ArtisticStyles3 (54 Slides)
Extensive Lesson Cardboard Sculpture Decorated In Artists Styles

*CollographPrintmaking (75 Slides)
6th Graders Printing 3 Colors At Once / Flowers

*MoosesComeWalking.ppt (29 Slides)
Childrens Book On CD To Accompany Reading

*DeanMitchell.ppt (21 Slides)
Presentation Using KC Star Magazine Photo Story

*AdobePaintings.ppt (17 Slides)
Collage And Watercolors Of Southwest Churches

*TableArtists.ppt (50 Slides)
Presentation On Artists Classroom Tables Are Named For

*Linnea.ppt (61 Slides)
Childrens Book On CD To Accompany Reading 
About Monetís Garden

*6thGradeAboriginalArt (29 Slides)
Simple Lesson Based On Aboriginal Dreamtime Painting

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Artist/Teacher Woody Duncan
PO Box 91703
Albuquerque, NM
Zip 87199-1703
$15 plus $2 shipping



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